Courses & Workshops

Workshop: Computational Analysis of Ancient Genomes:

The workshop will be held on 15-17 November 2019 and is free of charge. We will cover topics in population genetics, including raw data processing, PCA, f-statistics and ADMIXTURE.

– Being able to use Unix
– Knowing about the common biological data formats (see github page)
– Being familiar with the common programs (see github page)
– Reading previously published Anatolian ancient DNA articles (see github page)
– Having a laptop

NOTE: You need to pass the pre-quiz to be accepted to the workshop!

Please see the github page of the workshop for detailed information.

– Everyone who meets the prerequisites is eligible.
– priority will be given to the applicants:
*who didn’t take a similar course or join a similar workshop.
*who are PhD or MSc students; or Post-Docs who recently started.
*who are from diverse cultures and institutions.

Application: is no longer possible! For questions write

Application Deadline: 10 November 2019 23:59 (now closed!)

For your questions regarding the workshop please contact

ARME 707 Digital Archaeology of the Neolithic Transition: A course spring semester at METU Department of Archaeometry (2019)

SA518 Archaeology as Anthropology

Bio525 Population Genetics: Please find details and the pre-registration form here.

Bio754 Computational Biology Using R: This 14-week course introduces the R language and its application for large-scale data analysis, with a particular focus on transcriptome data. You can download the 2017 course material here. Melike Dönertaş, Hamit İzgi, Yetkin Alıcı and Ekin Sağlıcan contributed to the preparation of this material.